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Adventure and personal learning

Traveling allows you to broaden your horizon. It makes for good stories, and it may change you as a person.

For years, I tended to think that my passion for travel and the outdoors was a hobby that had nothing to do with my work as a personal development coach.

But then I connected the dots: I came back recharged each time – sometimes just happier, sometimes with a specific insight, sometimes with lots of energy to change everyday things that I had been meaning to tackle for a long time before.

And the stories I loved to tell about my travels usually contain clear lessons, or showed me something about myself, if I only zoomed in closely enough.

So that’s why I’m writing this blog: To use what I have learned, to keep it alive for myself and hopefully to inspire myself and you to be attentive in everyday life, both to learn from it and to enjoy it.

I am far from the wild in my every day work – for that, my participants and me need quiet, warm rooms, a safe, intimate atmosphere and decided absence of mosquitoes, wind and other challenges to the outdoor adventurer.

But there are important parallels, the “classical” kind of adventure can teach deep personal lessons.

And there is another aspect of this: The stories themselves. Enjoy them, and share yours if you will. I would love to hear more adventure stories or learn more about the landscapes and sports I like.

Which brings me to the last part: I am no expert at any of this. I have hiked a fair bit, and dabbled in climbing, kayaking and other things on an absolute beginner’s level. Do not take anything I write as outdoor or travel advice!! Do try at home, or afield, whatever you want to try and enjoy – but be aware that this is your adventure and that you need to live it from beginning to end. I can teach you things about moving through life and becoming more of yourself – not about biking, swimming or climbing trees.


So that being said – welcome to my adventure stories.

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Let's plan your adventure.
+49 178 4727423 | birte@birte-viermann.de