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Individual bodywork sessions


Individual sessions are your personal adventure. Meetings that are tailored to your needs and aims and allow you to create the changes in your life that you want, or cope with challenges in a better way.

I work with touch, movement and body attention – and I believe in embedding these experiences in the structured frame of a clear goal and specific steps towards that goal.

Much of my work is based on the Grinberg Method, which provides just that. My work is also influenced by my studies of psychology, as well as different kinds of meditation, communication tools, dance and movement. 

My individual sessions usually happen as a series of one-hour meetings. In the first one, we define your goals and explore possible avenues of reaching it.

From then on, each meeting follows the direction you have decided on, and I systematically teach you different tools of creating change in the session and embedding it in your everyday life. Your role in this is very active: You are asked to be attentive between sessions, sometimes do exercises or think about specific topics, always noticing changes and reporting back to me about what was good or bad, easy or difficult so that I can adapt my next steps accordingly.

Also, it’s your job to enjoy this 🙂 Sessions teach you changes and provide practical tools, but they also give your body exactly what it needs – life and activation, or the opportunity to finally unwind, or a chance to deal with an old feeling that has been dammed up for a long time. These sensations and experiences are often deeply pleasurable, they “feel right”, or like a great relief.

By allowing yourself to enjoy them, you are deepening your learning process.

Individual sessions are for you if you:

  • love having new experiences
  • want to change a situation that drains your energy
  • need a better way of dealing with a physical ailment
  • need to make a decision or fuel a new project
  • want closure regarding some emotional baggage
  • wish for a life full of joy and fulfillment
  • enjoy feeling your body and learning through it

The work includes touch, movement, relaxation, attention to breathing, posture and other sensations. It may be combined with conversation, thinking and writing, or taking action between sessions.


I offer personal bodywork sessions regularly in Cologne and Essen, Germany, and Amsterdam, Netherlands (and a little less regularly in Berlin and other places).

A first session can be a one-time event, but is often the start of a learning process which consists of an agreed-upon number of sessions within a certain time, e. g. weekly or in an intensive form of several sessions in a weekend.

If you are interested in sessions or have questions about them, contact me.
You are very welcome to write to me in Dutch, German, French or Spanish as well, and I am able to work in most of these languages (if you have some tolerance for mistakes and slow speed…).

Let's plan your adventure.
+49 178 4727423 | birte@birte-viermann.de
-in Amsterdam and Essen-