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Being well myself, being good for others – Bodywork for Therapists

This workshop centers on creating a balanced and enriching situation as someone who is working in a healing or helping profession.

As professionals in these fields, we have chosen to accompany people in intense and sometimes existential situations. Often, this is very rewarding: We see people making progress, what we do makes sense in very tangible ways – in the broadest sense, we are making the world a better place.

Or at least, that’s what we wish for.

In reality, there may be challenges that dampen our original enthusiasm and strength:

• high expectations from others or from ourselves, being overwhelmed in our professional everyday life
• difficulties stopping thinking about work, or to setting limits with certain patients
• the question of how we can do a good job in periods when we are not feeling well ourselves
• dealing with feelings like frustration and anger in professional situations
• everyday stress or problems with colleagues/managers/institutions etc.

This workshop teaches you to balance your professional performance with your own well-being and personal development. Only when we are well ourselves, can we make meaningful contributions to other people’s lives.

I am teaching a physical approach to this, as it is a path not often tried and traveled. Bodywork and body attention are practical tools that let you gain relaxation and strength, defuse triggers and advance as a person – which will in turn allow you to resolve professional blockages and make steps towards the circumstances and qualities you need in order to be a good therapist.

Let's plan your adventure.
+49 178 4727423 | birte@birte-viermann.de