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Welcome to my blog! This is where I’ll think about ideas and subjects that have been on my mind for a while, nagging me for my attention, pushing me to look at them. Little bullying thoughts that keep saying “if you want your life to be fulfilled, if you don’t want to miss something important, look at me!”

So this is quite a private blog, as these topics are different for different people. At the same time, I really want to share them with you – friends, clients, interested readers who come along – because I find that when I talk about the things I am passionate about, they resonate with others and their ideas are very inspiring and make my wishes, dreams and questions more real. So: Feel free to comment and join the thinking process, I would love to hear from you!

The subjects of this blog involve both my “professional” and my private life.

I have been working as a body work coach (http://grinbergmethod.com) for more than 20 years, supporting people in finding their own way of living well. On the way, I have learned many things about myself and about virtually any aspect of life and the human condition.

You will find posts about the discoveries I made on this journey, or the things my clients and other people have taught me. Living integrity, being true and courageous, loving and strong, making decisions, owning your actions and emotions, crafting authentic, powerful relationships – all of these are big adventures where we all struggle and often fail, but sometimes really shine.

Next to this life-long passion for finding out how to live well and supporting other people in doing that, there have always been things I love that I thought of as hobbies or personal interests, things to be done in your so-called free time (as if we were prisoners while working!): my love for traveling, getting to know new people and ways of life, movement, outdoor sports, nature. Adventure in a sense in which the word is often used.

I want to explore how much this is actually linked to the adventure of personal development. Experiencing the world at large, having to adapt to it, needing yours wits about you to manage or even to survive is an incredible source of empowerment. Reality often teaches us best through these practical circumstances.

And then there are a few other things that figure here because they fascinate me. These may be about science, or nature, art, politics or spirituality. Posts may be pretty eclectic and not based on great expertise. What I am interested in is thinking about the things that touch me, together with you if you so wish, and in a respectful way.

So here I am: Fascinated with life and the many turns it can take. Having a lot of professional experience contributing to other people. Hungry for adventure in a way that I have only recently started to appreciate as a teaching power in life. And with a deep interest in thinking about things together. Please feel free to join me, you are very welcome.

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Let's plan your adventure.
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